A few days ago, Jack Dickman, called me up. He had a huge announcement.

Now, I've known Jack for over a decade now, both professionally and personally. So, when he has a huge announcement, it usually consists of him bragging about breaking par at the local club or him crowing about Metallica playing a song for first time in over 400 shows. Knowing that Maine just got pummeled with a few feet of snow and, well, COVID - I knew this was going to be different.

"I updated website!" Jack said.

"Me too!" I enthusiastically spat back. "Mine said 'this is a website of my affection.' What does yours say?" (Ya, I got that for my wife for Christmas. By all means, judge.)

Jack on the other hand was talking about...

"Website that will help people to find reliable medications in the realities of 2021".

Jack Dickman is announcing that he, along with his partners, had huge updates for his old website about pain relief medications. That should be something really new.

I've just checked it and I'm really excited! It's clean, neat and easy.

Hope you will like it too.



Written by Mike Blackman. Mike is the co-owner of this project.

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